Tough Girl

Happy Valentines Day!

This year is my 26th Valentines day with my wife, and I’ve only spent one apart.

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Road Trip!

Yesterday my wife and I got an early start and jumped into the packed car waiting for us in the garage to carry us on our road trip to Pittsburgh. […]

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Work Desk

The Internet has brought us closer… and not.

Yesterday I went to help my friend fix his computer.  Either a corruption has occurred in the registry or he has a virus.

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Snow covered truck in the driveway

Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday! We just turned on the game in the beginning of the second half.

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Beach Shot


Thank God it’s Friday!! I’ve been waiting for this day all week!  The wife is feeling a little better, but not completely well.

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Jim and Teri


Yesterday, while working, I started getting a little light-headed and not feeling so well.

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New favorite quick meal!

Today was an average day.  Started out with me getting up and heading to the office.

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