The day I met my best friend!

December 7, 1988. A day that will live in infamy! This is the day I met my best friend!

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A beautiful day at the beach..

I love living here! We have got into the habit of going to the beach after work and relaxing ’til dusk. The water is warm, the breeze is relaxing! King […]

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Another day in paradise!

Today is turning out to be a great day! It’s Jelani’s 15th birthday, were sitting on the beach watching the waves.

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Jelani at Sam's Club

Happy Birthday to Papa’s Little Man!!!!

Back on August 7th, 2000, our daughter gave birth do our first grandchild, Jelani! He is 15 years old today!!! Happy Birthday Little Man!

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Jim and Teri at the altar

Happy Anniversary Babydoll!

Twenty four years ago today, my best friend, companion and lover gave me the honor of marrying her.

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Mom and Bob

Happy Birthday Mom!!

A few years ago today, my mother was born and I for one am VERY happy she was!

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Snow covered truck in the driveway

Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday! We just turned on the game in the beginning of the second half.

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Jim and Teri


Yesterday, while working, I started getting a little light-headed and not feeling so well.

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New favorite quick meal!

Today was an average day.  Started out with me getting up and heading to the office.

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