Minimum Wage

Minimum wage of $15?

I didn’t want to get political on this site, but I just don’t get it. When I was growing up, minimum wage jobs were for high school students who were trying to get some money to buy a car, fill the gas tank, pay tuition, put themselves through school.

 They had a home to go to, parents who took care of them. It wasn’t a career. We may need to raise the minimum wage to keep up with inflation, but not to $15/hour. All the arguments for raising the minimum wage, at least to me, haven’t made sense. Now, I do confess that I haven’t been following this with great intensity, but I have seen a couple of news broadcasts. I’ve heard, “You’re already paying it because some of the people are on food stamps.”

To that I say, what’s the issue? You’re getting the pay and food stamps, you’re set. I’ve also heard that people need this so they can afford to live. Now, I know there are people who are trying and struggling, and I would like them to get some help, but the majority of people I have seen just want a raise, but don’t seem to be doing anything to earn it. I’ve always been of the belief that if you want more, work harder. Look for other jobs, get a skill, start your own business. You may have to work 100+ hours a week, but you’ll make the money then.

I’m just tired of hearing how people want the government to make their lives easier, that’s NOT the government’s role. That’s your own responsibility. The government should have to worry about the people who can’t take care of themselves, they are the ones who deserve government assistance. People with disabilities that prevent them from succeeding. Keep in mind, Stephen Hawking can’t even speak, but he has a career.

That’s my two cents worth, I may be missing something, but as far as I’m concerned, this says it best.Minimum Wage