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The Internet has brought us closer… and not.

Yesterday I went to help my friend fix his computer.  Either a corruption has occurred in the registry or he has a virus.

Work Desk
Work Desk

After roughly an hour I was unable to get the machine working and have decided that it’s going to need major surgery.  After I get back from teaching in Pittsburgh, PA I’ll be taking the machine home to get it going.  We’re not sure of the cause but these things are very frustrating.  It’s a brand new machine and you would expect not to have these issues when you get a new machine, but there you are!

While we were there we did have some pleasant conversation, I found out that my friend was at Woodstock!  What an experience! Can you imagine? So many people, all that great music? He told how Woodstock made Santana famous.  He said something like one of the planners made a deal with someone (the guy who owned the property I believe) to allow this little group called Santana to play in exchange for… whatever.  Santana ended up being on the stage at the right time and they were caught on camera.  The camera filming the scenes that would be used for the movie Woodstock. Since this was seen by millions of people, they got their moment in the spotlight and that skyrocketed them to fame. I never know this story!

Things were different then.  Now, we have unlimited access to music. You want a song? Jump on the Internet and download it for around a buck.  Want a movie?  You can get that too! You want to be seen by millions?  Make a good video, put it on YouTube and hope it goes viral!

That got me to thinking how the much the Internet has made us able to communicate with each other, get information, and even get merchandise (both digital and physical). You see on TV, those hash tags showing up in the corner of the screen, a website address, or their Facebook page. And, when was the last time you seen someone bragging about their encyclopedia Britannica collection? Everyone uses Wikipedia now. All of these are some great benefits!

But, look outside, do you see kids running around playing? They’re inside playing on their X-Box or PS4.  I even know a few kids who have good friends that they have never met face to face because they live in different countries.  They are people they game with.  I love that they are getting to know people from different cultures, but they never leave their bedroom. This causes me concern because I have grandkids and I want them to have the benefits but not the drawbacks. Fortunately they have some very smart parents.  They encourage the kids to get into sports, take them out to the park making them go outside.

Hopefully the thing that fixes this is the thing that causes it. The internet is already crawling with information about this issue and many bright ideas to fix them. We just need to hope that people will act on this and get outside.  I know I’m one of the people who need to go outside and get some exercise and I do have a plan for that.  It’s just not going to happen when it’s 20 degrees F outside.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough, I’m outta here!  Have a good day!