Another Sunset

We’ve got the boat!

OK, it’s been a while since I posted. A lot has happened, so let’s get to it.

First, we live in a house we’re renting instead of living on the boat. That plan is put on hold for a variety of reasons, but we will get there! We did, however, buy a Hunter 22 sailboat! She is definitely not our dream boat, but she is a good starter. Teri needs to learn how to sail, and I need to learn what I don’t know, so this boat will be a great starter. We’ve been out on her this last weekend and it was fantastic!

I’m actually a little excited, the boat needs a little work, which means I get to customize the boat to my needs and see how I may do some things to our future boats. The boat has an AC, but it’s the kind you buy that sits in your room and has an exhaust hose that blows the hot air outside. When we took the boat out this last weekend, it would have been nice to be able to run it! Well, I ordered a 2000W inverter, got it this week and am going to install it this weekend. The only drawback is that the high this weekend is predicted to be 66 degrees… Don’t think we’ll need an AC this weekend.

I also bought this app on my iPhone about two years ago called iSailor. It’s a ChartPlotter App that I got in anticipation of boating. Every Time we were near the water, I would break this app out and show the wife, “Look it works!!” I was all excited to use it when we went out, but I had updated my IOS to 8.1 and when I fired up the app to use it on the boat the first time, it didn’t work!!! Ugh! I was frustrated. When we were out in the bay getting ready to head back, I realized how hard it was to tell where we had come from. I really could have used that app! Good thing we noted the buildings near the channel and we got back with no problem. This did however show the importance of having backups, so we now have a Garmin GPSMap 78SC, and the iPhone will be the backup.

Enough babbling for now, I’m including some pics of the boat and our weekend out. I will add some more when we get some new pictures this weekend!

J Parris – Out!